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Our team of incredibly talented, thoughtful and accomplished trainers will work with you to achieve your biggest goals and dreams.

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Momentum Education was founded in 2003 by Robin Diane Lynn (Jun 28, 1951 - January 15, 2010), an internationally recognized inspirational trainer and life coach who'd spent her career...

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Momentum Education is a prominent organization, known for providing quality results coaching and dynamic personal development workshops.

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$8.8 Million + Additional Income

Momentum graduates found themselvs earning more, while doing what they love. Imagine rolling 1,466 wheel barrels to the bank with 60,000 pennies in each!

$7.3 Million + Debt Paid Off

The average Leadership participant released over 9k in debt during their 90 days. Many will be beginning 2018 debt free or significantly closer to being debt free.

$3 Million + Additional Savings

Dr. Jacqueline Nieves-De La Paz led monthly Financial Literacy classes open to all Leadership participants and alumni.

$7.1 Million + Money Raised for Charity

With the financial impacts of these donations extending and impacting a diverse group of organizations and people from all over the world.

2 Million + Meals Provided

Only four cities in the United States have a population greater than the amount of meals provided by the Momentum Community in 2017. This amount of meals would have also provided enough food to feed the entire cities of Washington, DC or Seattle for an entire day.

4,973 lbs + Weight Released

This number is the equivalent weight of 19 full sized versions of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

456 + New Business Started

Graduates are waking up every morning working passionately for themselves!

352 + New Jobs/ Promotions

45% of all Leadership graduates in 2017 received a new job or promotion within the 90 days of their Leadership program.

5,591 + Relationships Reunited

These are more reunited loved ones than could fit in 10 Boeing 747 jet planes filled to capacity.

138 + New Romantic Relationships

Close to 1 in 5 Leadership participants were looking for love, and found themselves in a new romantic relationship by the end of their Leadership journey. Please notice this number does not include the many leadership graduates who found themselves renewed in their current relationships.

766 +Leadership Graduates

The number of graduates who completed the Leadership Program in 2017.

31,100 + Community Service Hours

These are the equivalent hours of one person volunteering their time the same hours as the average work week for 15 years without ever taking a day off.

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